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The Verge Mobile Show, live at 4:45PM ET / 9:45PM BST

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The Verge Mobile Show broadcasts live at 4:30PM ET.

verge mobile show intro screenshot 2
verge mobile show intro screenshot 2

Savov. Bohn. Ziegler.

To some, they're just three seemingly random surnames. But we know better: together, they form an unbreakable and unstoppable force — a veritable firehose of knowledge, opinion, and expert analysis on the mobile industry the likes of which this mortal world has never known.

This isn't just any ordinary troika. This is The Verge Mobile Show.

Update: Extremely loud construction has evicted Dieter from the Verge West offices, so we're targeting a 4:45PM ET start. Cross your fingers!

Watch live streaming video from The Verge Mobile Show at