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Google Chrome now optimized for Retina display, gains built-in webcam support, too

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Google Chrome 21 is available now and includes support for the Retina display Macbook Pro, as well as built-in webcam and microphone functionality.

Chrome Retina
Chrome Retina

Google's latest stable release of Chrome is out now, and it brings a handful of features with it from previous beta builds. First up is exciting news for MacBook Pro with Retina display owners: Chrome has been updated to support the high-resolution screen, making it the first primary browser outside of Safari to take advantage of the display. The feature was previously limited to the Canary build of the browser.

Chrome 21 also includes built-in webcam and microphone support. By using the HTML5 getUserMedia API, the browser can use the devices without the need for plug-ins like Flash and Silverlight. For those concerned about security, the browser does ask for permission before gaining access. Lastly, Google Cloud Print devices now show up in the print dialog, and gamepad support has been extended. You can download the latest version of Chrome now, but if you already have the browser installed it should automatically update in the background.