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RealNetworks founder Rob Glaser returns as interim CEO

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Thomas Nielsen has left RealNetworks after eight months as CEO, making way for founder and former chief executive Rob Glaser

RealNetworks (credit mightykenny, Flickr)
RealNetworks (credit mightykenny, Flickr)

Rob Glaser, founder and former chief executive of RealNetworks, is returning to the company as interim CEO. He replaces Thomas Nielsen, who only took the top job last November. In a prepared statement, Glaser admits that Nielsen "wasn't the right fit," but rules out the possibility of a permanent return.

The ouster follows months of controversy at the aging content firm, first founded in 1995. Back in May, Real announced that it was setting up a $2 million compensation fund after customers were tricked into purchasing unnecessary media subscriptions on its site.

Following the announcement of his return, Glaser published a letter to Real staff as a public Facebook post. In the 300-word missive, he describes his two highest priorities as providing a forward strategy for the company and making Real cashflow positive again. A company meeting to discuss the shakeup will be held at the firm's Seattle headquarters on Monday.