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Additional Office 2013 icons spotted in new Windows RT demo

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Microsoft reveals Office 2013 icons during a demonstration at the company's Tech-Ed conference.

Office 2013 RT icons (
Office 2013 RT icons (

Microsoft's upcoming Office 2013 suite will feature revamped Metro style icons, some of which were revealed at the company's Tech-Ed conference recently. Reflecting a brand change across all of Microsoft's products, the updated icons leaked out last month, but have been confirmed this week after a company employee revealed them during a Windows RT demonstration. The modern Metro style icons will likely debut alongside the public beta of Office 2013, expected this month.

Early copies of Office 2013, codenamed Office 15, featured a number of touch improvements — including a Touch Mode designed for Windows 8 users to read and view documents on tablets. There's a host of features and improvements that we're expecting to see in Office 2013, and the company is planning to bundle an RT version of the software with its Windows 8 ARM-based tablets later this year.