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Apple preparing smaller iPad for September production, WSJ reports

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WSJ is reporting that Apple is targeting September for production of a smaller iPad.

ipad back_1020
ipad back_1020

If we didn't have a cacophony of credible rumors before, we certainly do now: WSJ is adding to the buzz generated by Bloomberg last night, saying that "a tablet computer with a smaller screen than the iPad" is on track for September production. Two sources told WSJ that the screen will be smaller than eight inches (Bloomberg had reported between seven and eight) and that Apple's working with two of its usual suspects for display components, LG and AU Optronics. It's hard to ignore the timing of these rumors: it would obviously be in Apple's interest to soften demand for Google's Nexus 7 — which launches later this month — with a pre-emptive strike while it ramps up for production.