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Gaikai Cloud Gaming beta launched on some Samsung smart TVs

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A Gaikai beta for its Samsung smart TV app has begun taking applications.

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Gaikai, the cloud gaming service recently purchased by Sony, has apparently launched a beta of its gaming app on Samsung's smart TVs. PC Perspective has found that the latest version of Samsung's TV firmware lets users see an application tile for Gaikai on the Smart Hub and apply for a closed beta, which Gaikai first mentioned back in June when it announced its Samsung partnership. It's not too surprising that Gaikai has stuck to its deal with Samsung even after the Sony purchase, but it's still interesting to see it deeply involved with two competing TV manufacturers.

Downloading and opening the app gives you a code to use in Gaikai's Early Access Program, which currently promises a Logitech gaming controller for selected participants. Gaikai has previously said that the app will only work on Samsung's 2012 LED 7000 line or newer TVs, though, likely making that beta club exclusive indeed.

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