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Sky updates Android, iPad apps with more on-demand content

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UK television provider Sky has updated its Sky Go apps for iOS and Android to include access to its Anytime+ bundle, while also updating its Sky Sports for iPad app with split-screen support and other tweaks.

Sky Sports iPad
Sky Sports iPad

UK television provider Sky recently updated its Sky Go and Sky Sports content streaming apps with new channels and some new user interface elements. Both iOS and Android versions of the Sky Go app can now stream the Anytime+ content bundle, which includes access to Sky1, Sky Living, Sky Atlantic, and Sky Arts. Sky Sports for iPad has been updated to include a split-screen view with Formula 1 Race Control and new channel listings. Notably, Sky warns iOS users that some have experienced problems registering their account after the Sky Go update, and the company is promising that the Android version will get Android 4.0 support before the end of the month. If you can register successfully or have a device that isn't running Android 4.0, you should be be to access Sky's new content right away.