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Nokia's director of applications for MeeGo steps down

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Nokia N9
Nokia N9

Sotiris Makrygiannis, who has held a variety of positions inside Nokia, most recently as director of applications for MeeGo, has left the company this week. CEO Stephen Elop has made it clear on a number of occasions since announcing the company's Windows Phone strategy last year that MeeGo (and specifically the Harmattan flavor employed by Nokia on the N9) had been relegated to sideshow status, and the departure of Makrygiannis — long a staunch, vocal supporter of MeeGo in the community — would seem to suggest that the bottom has fallen out of whatever remaining support his team had been getting internally.

Of course, his efforts haven't been for naught: the N9's striking industrial design has gone on to influence a number of models in Nokia's Lumia's range, and Makrygiannis himself is quick to note that they were able to deliver three major updates to the platform in nine months following the phone's release. As for rumors of a future MeeGo line fitting somewhere in Nokia's portfolio, those seem more dead than ever.

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