Sitting down to read a website with a name as loaded as The Verge, you take some sort of comfort in the fact that you have an edge on your friends. Developments at the intersection of technology and culture are second-nature to you, and your mastery of networked content — digital and otherwise — is something your contemporaries are guardedly envious of. You are a nerd in the post-Weezer sense, proudly sporting a Frauenfelderesque enthusiasm for the digitized world: you are so persistently aware of what’s next, in fact, that you find yourself wondering if there might be something important you’re missing, another dimension of clarity beyond the feeds and updates that help you keep your edge. With such a heavy investment in the near future, now every bit as predictable as the recent past, the present has slipped right through your Power Glove’d fingers. Luckily, the confectionist offspring of Alanis Morrisette and Miley Cyrus has sprinkled a trail of saccharine breadcrumbs back to now. Mercifully for this website’s target demographic, she loves to shoot things out of her otherworldly and perfectly-oiled breasts.