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Samsung 75-inch ES9000 smart TV on sale in South Korea for $17,424

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Samsung's 75-inch ES9000 smart TV has gone on sale in South Korea for 19.8 million won, or $17,424.

samsung es9000
samsung es9000

Samsung may be spinning off its LCD division to concentrate on OLED, but that doesn't mean you won't see flagship LCD sets from the company going forward. Take the 75-inch ES9000, for example, which was launched in South Korea this week. It has a tiny 7.9mm bezel, and what little of the frame you can see is finished in "rose gold." Of course, it's also laden with all the smart TV features we saw at CES, including gesture-based interaction and the Smart Evolution upgrade capability. You'll be paying for the privilege, though — the ES9000 will sell for 19.8 million in Korea, or about $17,424. With Samsung recently enforcing minimum pricing on its TVs, don't expect it to go for much cheaper if it ever gets a worldwide release.