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Nexus Q teardown explores 'Made in the USA' claim

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iFixit is posting a teardown of Google's Nexus Q, along with information on the origins of each component in the "made in the USA" device.

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nexus q teardown (ifixit)
nexus q teardown (ifixit)

Although Google beat them to the punch, the tech wizards at iFixit remain unfazed, posting their own teardown of Mountain View’s "Made in the USA" Nexus Q media streamer. Google isn’t claiming each and every chip inside the Q was built on American soil, but if you’re interested in which parts were built where, the team takes a lot of effort to point out most of their likely origins (spoiler: the 16GB of flash storage could either have been produced in South Korea or Texas). The iFixit team scored the OMAP 4460-powered sphere’s repairability an 8 out of a possible 10, praising it for its easy-to-remove cover and general lack of solder. With some of the most interesting industrial design we've seen in a while, we could have scored the Q similarly — if it weren't for niggling problems like bugginess and lack of functionality.