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Google confirms Galaxy Nexus pulled from Play Store due to injunction

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ABC News is reporting that Google did indeed pull the Galaxy Nexus from its Play Store in response to a court-granted injunction in connection with Apple's patent infringement lawsuit.

Galaxy Nexus Android 4
Galaxy Nexus Android 4

Google pulled the Galaxy Nexus from the Play Store on Tuesday, and while the move happened in the wake of an injunction in connection with Apple's infringement lawsuit it was still unclear if that was what caused the change. Joanna Stern at ABC News writes that Google did indeed remove the device in response to the judge's ruling, despite the fact that Mountain View has a software patch readied that it told us will resolve the issue. As we reported previously, the Galaxy Nexus is scheduled to return to the Play Store — with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean — next week. We've reached out to Google for further comment.