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Cisco simplifies Connect Cloud opt-out process after customer complaints

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After a number of complaints from customers, Cisco has simplified the process of opting out of its Connect Cloud service.

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Earlier this week Cisco came under fire from users after some of its Linksys Wi-Fi routers automatically updated to the company's Cisco Connect Cloud service. After reversing the decision and providing an option to turn off the automatic updates, Cisco now says that it has simplified the opt-out process for users. Once again Cisco took to its blog to address the problem, explaining that "we believe lack of clarity in our own terms of service has contributed to many of our customers' concerns." In addition to simplifying opting out of the service, the default setting has also been changed back to the original router set-up and management. Cisco also addressed the potential privacy risks that caused concern for some users. "Cisco's Linksys routers do not track or store any personal information regarding customers' use of the Internet," Brett Wingo, Cisco's home networking VP, explained.