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Furby returns in September with iPad compatibility and LCD eyes

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This September Furby is making a comeback, with some new technology to update it for 2012.

Furby 2012
Furby 2012

It's been well over a decade since Furby first hit store shelves, but the wildly popular toy is attempting a comeback. The new and improved robotic buddy is due to hit store shelves in September, and unsurprisingly it's much more technologically advanced than its predecessors — it features LCD eyes, rubber ears that twitch and move, touch-enabled sensors, and the ability to interact with other furbies or even an iPad through high frequency audio. Furby will dance to music, knows if you're hanging it upside down, and has multiple personalities that you can switch between.

There will also be compatible mobile apps that you can use to play with your furry little buddy or even understand what exactly they're saying in their native furbish. The toy is expected to cost $60 when it launches, though we don't have much else in the way of details — currently the official Furby site features nothing but a huge pair of moving eyes and the phrase "coming soon."