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Samsung Galaxy S III now available on AT&T

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The Samsung Galaxy S III is now available for in-store and online purchase through AT&T.

Samsung Galaxy S III Pebble Blue (STOCK)
Samsung Galaxy S III Pebble Blue (STOCK)

We've chronicled the Samsung Galaxy S III as it trickled to carriers across the US, so it's only fitting to close the book on one of the top two. AT&T, which has been accepting pre-orders for the phone since a month ago, finally released the Galaxy S III today: it's currently selling for $199.99 on contract in both white and blue. We already anticipated the phone would go on sale today, but considering how many delays we've seen across carriers, it's good to see it finally arrive. Pre-order customers have likely already received their units, and everyone else can either pick it up in stores or get overnight shipping online. Once again, there's no sign of a 32GB model, nor of the exclusive red version. Verizon customers, meanwhile, will be waiting until early next week to pick up the phone.