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eBay listing claims to have every game from 22 classic consoles, asks for €999,999.99 (update: sold)

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For about $1.23 million, you can be the owner of over 6,500 video games, each one in their box and with instructions.

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video game collection ebay
video game collection ebay

If you think you have a massive collection of classic video games, think again. eBay user collectors_king is auctioning off a library that consists of every game released for 22 consoles, all in boxes and with instructions. If the listing is legit, over 6,500 titles from every Nintendo console from the Famicom to the Gamecube, every Sega console, and all NEC systems are up for grabs (you can see a complete list on the auction page). So if you're an avid collector with €999,999.99 (around $1,238,099.99) to spare, the "Buy It Now" button is waiting for you.

Update: And they're gone! One lucky bidder clicked that "Buy It Now" button.