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Exploding Galaxy S III mystery solved, was likely microwaved

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It has been discovered that a Galaxy S III that exploded did not burst into flames spontaneously, but was in fact microwaved.

Gallery Photo: Galaxy S III review gallery
Gallery Photo: Galaxy S III review gallery

Late last month a Galaxy S III owner in Ireland posted complaints that his new phone had burst into flames spontaneously, complete with images of the phone's charred case. Samsung has now provided an update on the situation, and it appears the phone was not to blame after all. According to Fire Investigations UK, who Samsung contracted to look into the situation, the heat build-up that caused the explosion was due to an external source: according to the pattern of damage, the phone had very likely been placed in a microwave oven.

The complaining owner, dillo2k10, has since retracted his original claim, explaining in a forum post that "another person" had been trying to fix the phone after it was exposed to water. Stating that there was no fault with the device itself, dillo2k10 characterizes the situation as a "stupid mistake."

Thanks, Victor!