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    Leaked 'Prometheus' box set features nine discs, iPad app, deleted scenes, lots of extras

    Leaked 'Prometheus' box set features nine discs, iPad app, deleted scenes, lots of extras


    Prometheus will be sold alongside the Alien quadrilogy as part of a 9-disc Blu-ray set with a ton of extras, according to a listing on Amazon France.

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    A Prometheus Blu-ray listing on Amazon France has detailed an extensive set of extras. The listing, for a nine-disc Blu-ray set titled Evolution: From Alien to Prometheus, briefly revealed the contents of every disc. The description has since been taken down, but not before an enterprising user over at Prometheus Forum copy and pasted all the details to a post.

    Assuming the description is correct — there's always the possibility it was removed due to inaccuracies — most of the highlights are found on the Prometheus 2D disc. It includes 15 minutes worth of deleted scenes, first and final drafts of the script, all of the viral videos, and a second screen app for iPad which will function as a Blu-ray remote and give access to "the archives of Peter Weyland." It's not clear what the archives are, but the description lists them as being 60 minutes long.

    A Prometheus 3D disc is also included, while a further disc gives access to 150 minutes worth of behind-the-scenes material as well as the aforementioned Peter Weyland archives. The other six discs, from the limited information on offer, appear to be taken straight from the well-received Alien Anthology Blu-ray set.

    Evolution: From Alien to Prometheus will arrive in a collector's box with a Space Jockey figurine. Amazon France is currently accepting pre-orders at €99.98 (about $123) with delivery expected around October 3rd. It's not clear if the bonus material will be available outside of the nine-disc set, but given the amount of money some of us paid for Alien Anthology, we certainly hope so.