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BlackBerry App World surpasses three billion total downloads

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RIM has revealed that the BlackBerry App World has passed the three billion app download mark.

RIM Blackberry tour
RIM Blackberry tour

RIM has just a bit of good news to share after revealing a $518 million operating loss last quarter and plans for 5,000 job cuts: the BlackBerry App World has reached the three billion download mark. To get to that number, users have been downloading apps at a clip of six million per day from the store's selection of 90,000 apps. Of course, the numbers all pale in comparison to Apple's iTunes App Store — 30 billion downloads from a selection of 650,000 apps — and the Google Play Store — 20 billion downloads from 600,000 apps — but the numbers aren't bad for RIM, which was late to the app game. The BlackBerry App World took 768 days to attain one billion downloads, 210 days to get to two billion, and then 176 days to make it to today's milestone, according to the company.