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Samsung rumored to be making ARM-based Windows RT tablets

Samsung rumored to be making ARM-based Windows RT tablets


Samsung is planning on building a Windows RT tablet that could be running a Qualcomm processor, according to Bloomberg.

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If you've been wondering who would be joining Asus, Dell, and Microsoft itself in building ARM-based Windows RT tablets, add another name to the mix: Samsung. The company plans on introducing an ARM-based tablet when Windows RT is officially released, according to Bloomberg. Apparently, Samsung's tablet will be using Qualcomm's Snapdragon chip as the processor. That's interesting given that Samsung makes its own Exynos ARM chips, but then again Qualcomm revealed at Computex that its chips were already ramped up and in production for Windows RT devices.

Samsung's rumored Windows RT tablet will have probably have stiff competition from Microsoft's own Surface tablet, but at least it won't have to compete with the likes of HP or HTC. The former has opted out of producing an ARM-based Windows tablet for now and the latter was reportedly denied the opportunity altogether. Where HP's decision to stick to the x86 platform likely revolves around the need for legacy application support for its enterprise customers, Samsung no doubt believes that the slim profile and long battery life enabled by an ARM chipset will be crucial selling points.

Windows RT is expected to officially launch in October, and Samsung's tablet is said to be ready to ship at the same time.