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Artist Johannes Osterhoff broadcasting his iPhone use online for a year

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Artist Johannes Osterhoff used a program to capture periodic screenshots of his iPhone. The exhibit will run for a year online.

Osterhoff iPhone Live
Osterhoff iPhone Live

Even as phones and browsers raise privacy concerns for ordinary users, some people have extended their devices to broadcast every moment of their lives. Artist Johannes Osterhoff's latest experiment gives the public regular glimpses of what he's been doing on his iPhone. Using two scripts on a jailbroken phone, Osterhoff has set his phone to take an upload a screenshot every time he presses the home button, capturing a shot of the app he was using. iPhone Live started on June 29th and will run for exactly a year.

Osterhoff's project is one of many to capture the subject's life not through webcams or photos but through digital traces. Selfsurfing, made earlier this year, was a Chrome extension that cloned an artist's browser and displayed his tabs in real time. Osterhoff himself previously ran Google, which displayed all his web searches for a year. You can scroll through all the pictures taken so far on Osterhoff's site.