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HP introduces Envy 23 and Pavilion 23 all-in-ones, kills off Omni branding

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HP refreshed its consumer all-in-one offerings today with the Pavilion 23 and Envy 23, and it introduces the $879 Compaq Elite 8300 and $799 Compaq Pro 6300, both of which will be available in early September.

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HP is refreshing its consumer all-in-ones today with the Envy 23 and Pavilion 23, both of which have 23-inch, 1080p displays and are available with up to Ivy Bridge Core processors and discrete graphics. The two names may sound awfully familiar, but they are completely new for the company's revamped AIO lineup, which replaces the Omni title of old. The company told us that it renamed the lineup so that the premium (Envy) and budget (Pavilion) badges are consistent with its laptop naming schemes. Makes sense to us, but unfortunately the change comes just a couple of months after HP refreshed its Omni and TouchSmart AIOs with Ivy Bridge processors.

Forgetting naming schemes, the Omni lives on in the Envy 23. The new 23-inch all-in-one shares a nearly identical chassis to its predecessor with an aluminum bar wrapping around the bottom of the screen and attaching to a teardrop-shaped base. Overall it's an attractive design that's fairly functional, too. In the few minutes we spent with the machine we appreciated that the included wireless keyboard is made to nestle in comfortably between the display and the stand, and the edge-to-edge glass design is easy on the eyes. Unfortunately, the 23-inch LCD is lacking at 1920 x 1080, and there's no option to bump up that resolution. Additionally, that edge-to-edge glass is very glossy and reflective. The system will start at $949.99 when it's released on August 2nd, but that price doesn't include optional extras like an HDMI port, TV tuner, slot-loading Blu-ray drive, or touchscreen. We're still waiting on full specs, but we're told that it has 6 USB ports (2 of the SuperSpeed variety), a multi-card reader, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, and will be available with (laptop-class) Ivy Bridge processors and discrete graphics.

If that's a bit to rich for your tastes (or wallet), HP is also offering the Pavilion 23, which strips away some of the fancier design cues and features while maintaining a 23-inch, 1920 x 1080 display. This model doesn't float like the Envy 23 — instead, it has a flimsy plastic kickstand to prop it up. The edge-to-edge glass display is gone, too, and it has a tray-loading DVD drive. It'll start at $649.99 on August 2nd, and will be available with Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge Intel processors, though at the base price it comes with an AMD chip. You'll also be able to get a (yet-unspecified) discrete GPU, but there's no option for a touchscreen.

It may seem odd that HP isn't making touchscreens standard on the two AIOs, but a representative told us that it isn't convinced consumers prefer gesture controls over extra money in their pockets — even with the impending release of Windows 8. That may very well be true, but if you're looking for a touchscreen you'll need to opt for the Envy 23 for now.

Other than the two consumer models, HP is also introducing the business-friendly, $879 Compaq Elite 8300 and $799 Compaq Pro 6300, both of which will be available in early September.