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Samsung adds silver option for 15-inch Series 9 laptop, 13-inch to follow

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Samsung is adding a new coat of paint to its Series 9 line after last month's Ivy Bridge update.

Samsung Series 9 Silver (cropped)
Samsung Series 9 Silver (cropped)

Starting from today, buyers of Samsung's Series 9 laptop will have a choice of colors, with the Windows machine now available in silver as well as the existing "Mineral Ash black." According to a press release on the company's Korean site, the new color is designed to appeal to young customers — the silver version of the 15-inch Series 9 is available immediately, with a similar makeover for the 13-inch model expected in early August.

An ultrabook in all but name, the latest iteration of the 15-inch laptop is just 0.58 inches thick, weighing in at 3.5 pounds. Most importantly, it features a 1.7GHz Ivy Bridge version of Intel's Core i5 processor, a feature added to the model early last month.