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Samsung Smart TV SDK opens voice and gesture APIs to app developers

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Samsung's Smart TV SDK 3.5 includes support for voice and gesture recognition and Eclipse development tools.

Samsung TV logo
Samsung TV logo

Version 3.5 of Samsung's Smart TV SDK (Software Development Kit) enables developers to build voice and gesture recognition into their TV apps. The SDK also supports the popular Eclipse development environment for the first time, a move that Samsung hopes will increase developer interest in the platform.

Samsung gave us an extended demo of its voice and gesture recognition back at CES in January. It enabled features like turning the TV on or off, changing volume, searching the web, and launching applications. While the demo didn't run completely smoothly — some commands were ignored or misunderstood — it'll be interesting to see if Hulu, Netflix, Skype, or Samsung's other app partners embrace and extend the new functionality. If you're interested in having a look at the SDK you can find the download in the source link below.