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Windows 8 launching late October, RTM 'on track' for August

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Microsoft's Tami Reller says Windows 8 is on track to RTM in early August, with general availability expected in late October.

Samsung Series 9 Windows 8 Release Preview
Samsung Series 9 Windows 8 Release Preview

Microsoft's Tami Reller has announced that Windows 8 will Release to Manufacturing (RTM) in the first week on August, with a release in late October to retail stores. Speaking at the company's Worldwide Partner Conference in Canada, Reller revealed that the company is "on track" to finishing the final copy of Windows 8 in early August. General availability, when the software and devices are available in stores, is expected in late October according to Reller.

Microsoft revealed in late May that an RTM announcement was due "within two months," and an early August date appears to be in line with the company's initial expectations. Microsoft has been compiling final versions of the operating system recently, which include new features and the removal of Microsoft's Aero Glass UI in desktop mode.