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Nokia announces pink Lumia 900, available from AT&T on July 15th

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Nokia is releasing a new pink color of its Lumia 900 device on AT&T from July 15th.

Lumia 900 pink
Lumia 900 pink

Nokia has unveiled its pink Lumia 900 today, launching in the US on AT&T this weekend. The new pink version will be available in stores on Sunday July 15th with a two-year contract. Nokia originally launched the Lumia 900 in white, black, and cyan earlier this year, but the latest color appears to be ready for summer shoppers. There is no word on availability outside the US, Nokia mentions this is an AT&T exclusive for now.

Despite the lack of Windows Phone 8 upgrade, Nokia has promised that Lumia devices will be upgraded to a future Windows 7.8 version, available later this year. Windows Phone 7.8 will feature the new Start Screen of Windows Phone 8 which includes new small tile support. Nokia is also updating its Lumia devices to include new Camera Extras software to bring technology from Scalado to its Windows Phone cameras.