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Google Nexus Q hacked to run launcher, apps, Netflix, and more

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Google's Nexus Q has been hacked by an xda-developers member, providing the device with a launcher and the ability to launch and run apps.

Gallery Photo: Google Nexus Q review hardware photos
Gallery Photo: Google Nexus Q review hardware photos

While Google's Nexus Q is an undeniably attractive piece of hardware, we found the device to be lacking in overall functionality. Enterprising developers are already on the case, however, with the latest Nexus Q hack bringing apps, a launcher, and even Netflix to the spherical streamer. Over at the xda-developers forums, kornyone writes that he was able to unlock the device and install a launcher — in this case, CyanogenMod's Trebuchet — which let him access his full catalog of apps. In the post and accompanying video he states that he controlled the device with an external USB keyboard and mouse, and describes Netflix as a particular standout, with the app streaming 1080p video to his television.

When Google announced the Q, it was careful to point out the included USB port, saying specifically that it wanted to see what the developer community could do with the $299 Ice Cream Sandwich device. Within days one user was able to launch games on the Q, though they weren't able to play them. The efforts of kornyone obviously take that a step further, as he writes that Angry Birds, Google+ and a variety of other apps all worked normally. If you happen to be a Q owner and want to see what you can do yourself, you're in luck: kornyone has posted instructions on how like-minded individuals can hack their own Nexus Qs for some extra fun.