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RIM's enterprise foothold could be slipping as customers explore alternatives

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Bloomberg reports that enterprise customers are increasingly considering alternatives to RIM's BlackBerry platform for their mobile needs. According to Good Software, half of Fortune 100 companies are looking at contingency plans.

RIM Blackberry tour
RIM Blackberry tour

While RIM CEO Thorsten Heins thinks “nothing is wrong” with the company as it is, it’s no secret that RIM is losing market share to iOS and Android. While it has always been able to depend on its stronghold in the enterprise, according to Bloomberg, firms are increasingly looking at contingency plans in case something happens to BlackBerry service, say in the event of an acquisition.

Software companies are eager to provide iOS and Android security services

Like many companies, British money management firm Thames River Capital used to give most of its employees BlackBerry devices, but its head of infrastructure expects a lot of employees will be switching to iOS or Android, citing the delay of BlackBerry 10 and an expiring contract with RIM. Bloomberg also names domain name and web hosting service GoDaddy, health care provider Alegent Health, and Nationwide Mutual Insurance as firms peering over the wall at other platforms. One company that stands to benefit from the shift is Good Technology, which provides secure email, calendaring, and app infrastructure on iOS and Android. "In the last year, I talked with half of Fortune 100 companies, and it’s a concern for all of them. Every single one of them is looking at contingency plans," said Good’s Senior VP of International Sales.

RIM’s worsening financial picture only tells part of the story, though. Alegent Health’s Senior Vice President of Strategy and Technology, Ken Lawonn says that the company’s shift away from BlackBerry (down to 10 percent of employees, from 50 two years ago) was based on user preferences rather than any concerns about the future of the platform.