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Mars rover landing to be screened in Times Square

Mars rover landing to be screened in Times Square


NASA will screen live video in New York's Times Square next Monday as scientists attempt to guide the Curiosity rover to a safe landing on Mars.

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The expected landing of NASA's Curiosity rover on the surface of Mars next Monday will be shown live on twin LED displays in New York's Times Square, according to an announcement from the space agency. The Toshiba Vision screen setup, which played a prominent role in last year's New Year's Eve countdown, will broadcast footage from 11:30 pm ET on August 5th to 4 am the following day, with the landing expected to happen at 1:31 am.

The source of the pictures will be NASA TV, a satellite station maintained by the agency, which is also available to watch via Ustream. Audio from the mission's control center at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena will be provided through Third Rock Radio, a NASA-maintained online radio station.

While the landing of the Curiosity is highly anticipated, its fate is far from secure. Just over a month ago, NASA released a video describing the "seven minutes of terror" that will confront the vehicle, including temperatures approaching 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit and speeds of up to 13,000 mph. Audiences in New York and around the world will be hoping that the craft touches down safely, ready to carry out investigations into Mars's potential to support life.