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Roku announces new Streaming Stick partners, launching in 'coming weeks'

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Roku has announced an extended lineup of partners to ensure that more televisions and Blu-ray players are ready for the company's MHL-connected Streaming Stick.

Gallery Photo: Roku Streaming Stick hands-on pictures
Gallery Photo: Roku Streaming Stick hands-on pictures

Roku has just announced its new hardware partners to help drive adoption of the soon-to-be-released Streaming Stick, a full-featured Roku set-top box packed into a unit not much larger than a couple of thumb drives. Best Buy and its Insignia brand previously expressed support, but is now joined by Haier, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, and Onkyo, among others. The goal of the extended lineup — as well as a recent $45 million investment from BSkyB, News Corp., and others — is to ensure that more MHL-ready devices are manufactured for use with the Streaming Stick. The unit will even be bundled with some of the "Roku Ready" devices, turning a regular TV into a smart TV right out of the box. A solid release date for the Streaming Stick has yet to be announced, but it should be available in the "coming weeks."