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Financial Times' digital subscribers surpass print for the first time

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For the first time ever, the Financial Times has more digital subscribers than it does print.

Financial Times
Financial Times

The New York Times isn't the only publication benefiting from an online paywall — the Financial Times has announced that for the first time ever it has more digital subscribers than print. FT currently boasts a total paid circulation of 599,000, more than 300,000 of which are now digital. During the first six months of 2012, subscriptions grew 31 percent compared to the previous year, and a large number of those readers are using mobile devices — 25 percent of the website's traffic now comes from mobile, while FT's iOS-optimized web app currently has 2.7 million users. In spite of this, FT's John Ridding says that there are no plans to abandon print anytime soon, telling The Guardian that the format is currently enjoying "a new lease of life."