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Yammer quietly rolls out real-time chat

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Yammer, the enterprise social network, has quietly begun rolling out out a real-time chat feature for some users.

Yammer Screengrab redux
Yammer Screengrab redux

Real-time chat is coming to Yammer. First spotted by TheNextWeb, the chat functionality looks and feels much like Facebook's own implementation. A list of contacts sits in the bottom right corner of the web interface, and tapping on one of them strikes up a conversation. The chat functionality is integrated with Yammer's existing private messages; all messages are stored in a single inbox, so if a colleague is offline they'll be able to respond to your message or pick up the conversation later. TechCrunch reports that the functionality will gradually roll across the rest of the social network's user base, with an official announcement coming in the next few weeks. The enterprise-friendly social network was recently acquired by Microsoft for $1.2 billion, but will remain a standalone product.