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Kinect 2 image leaked, shows increased detail and depth data

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A leaked image of Microsoft's next-generation Kinect 2 sensor shows improved detail and depth

Kinect 2 (superDaE / Twitter)
Kinect 2 (superDaE / Twitter)

Microsoft's next-generation "Xbox 720" console has seen a variety of leaks recently, including speculation over its planned launch date, but we've yet to see solid details on Kinect 2. That may have changed this week after a Twitter user posted what is claimed to be a sample from Kinect 2 running on a Durango (new Xbox codename) development kit. The image shows two users interacting with Kinect and what appears to be an increased amount of depth and movement data.

It's hard to tell whether the image is real, but one of our own sources says this is a genuine test sample. Microsoft is working with the Durango Xbox Development Kit (XDK) and the user interface is the same as shown in the picture, according to one person familiar with Microsoft's Durango work. Microsoft's testing involves a focus on depth and movement data, something shown in the picture. Although Kinect 2 might be shaping up to be an incremental improvement over the existing hardware, Microsoft's leaked Xbox 720 document promised higher accuracy, stereo imaging, improved voice recognition, and support for four-player tracking. Kinect 2 will also support accessories that interact with the sensor for games such as darts and baseball.