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HTC insists all its Android 4.0 updates are coming by the end of August

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HTC has confirmed on Facebook that all of the previously-announced devices on its Android 4.0 roadmap will be getting updated by the end of August. Owners of devices like the Rhyme and Desire S had originally been told updates were coming in June or July.

htc desire s (official)
htc desire s (official)

Amid grumbling about its commitment to provide updates for all the devices on its Android 4.0 roadmap in a timely fashion, HTC took to Facebook to remind everyone that yes, the remaining updates are on the way, just a little behind schedule, reports Android Police. That’s good news for owners of the Droid Incredible 2 and Thunderbolt, who had been expecting an August release, as well as people with phones like the Rhyme and Desire S, who have been waiting patiently since the company missed its original goal of June or July. HTC says that all of the phones on the previously-announced list, save for the shunned Desire HD, will be getting updates by the end of August.