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Microsoft bakes giant Surface cake for Windows 8 party

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Microsoft workers celebrated the finalization of Windows 8 with a giant Surface cake at the company's headquarters in Redmond.

Surface cake party (abhinaba / Twitter)
Surface cake party (abhinaba / Twitter)

Microsoft held a Windows 8 celebration at its Redmond headquarters earlier this week on August 8th (8/8), but while the company didn't manage to make 8888 the final build of its latest operating system, it was able to create a giant Surface cake for the party. The impressive cake, which includes a table and five Surface devices, was on display for members of the Windows team to celebrate a fully baked version of Windows 8.

While there doesn't appear to have been any iPhone or Android hearses at this particular party, the celebration marks the Release to Manufacturing milestone and almost two years of development for Microsoft's new touch-inspired Windows 8 interface. The operating system will now be released to TechNet and MSDN developers on August 15th, with a general availability date of October 26th for consumers. Microsoft will also launch its Surface RT tablet at the time of Windows 8 availability, expected to be available at a similar price point to existing ARM-based tablets.