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Apple 'software wizard' unveils rare original Macintosh ad

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Andy Hertzfeld has published a previously-unreleased commercial featuring the designers of the original Macintosh via his Google+ page.

1983 Mac TV spot
1983 Mac TV spot

Andy Hertzfeld, who worked with Apple in the early 1980s as a "software wizard," has posted a previously-unreleased commercial for the original Macintosh via his Google+ page, as reported by 9to5Mac. In it, members of the Mac design team — including Hertzfeld, Burrell Smith, George Crow, Bill Atkinson and Mike Murray — offer a few seconds of dialog that Apple ultimately decided was a bit "too self-congratulatory" to air on mainstream television. The commercial was only ever made available to select dealers, so if you'd like a chance to see one of Apple's first private attempt at patting itself on the back, the video below is full of the company's aspirational youth.