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Apple breaks down damage claims against Samsung, asks for $2b from Galaxy S profits alone

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Apple today issued a court filing breaking down its damages claims across each device cited in the current court trial against rival Samsung.

Galaxy SII AT&T, Sprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch hands-on
Galaxy SII AT&T, Sprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch hands-on

Yesterday, documents from the Apple v. Samsung trial brought us some eye-opening US sales figures covering hardware from both companies. A filing from Apple today makes for a good comparison to that data, with its lawyers outlining damages that specify how much of Samsung's profits they're entitled to from each device cited in the trial. Samsung's profits are relevant in this case because under US patent law, a design patent owner is uniquely entitled to the infringer's profits. All told, Apple is seeking damages in excess of $1.98B when you combine all Galaxy S and Galaxy S II US smartphone variants. That sum jumps to $2.45 billon when you factor in all hardware under dispute.

Apple wants $1.346B in damages from US variants of the original Galaxy S line alone. As we noted in yesterday's report, Sprint's Epic 4G was the highlight of that hardware generation, and Apple demands $325M from those profits. The second largest damages request is over AT&T's once-popular Samsung Captivate, from which it believes it is entitled to $202M.

When it comes to the Galaxy S II, Cupertino's figures call for $642M in profits. Once again, Sprint was Samsung's most lucrative partner thanks to the Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch — though Apple argues that is attributable to consumer confusion more than anything else.

At this stage it's difficult to know how accurate these figures are. Namely, it's difficult to make an accurate connection between the numbers Apple says it's entitled to from Samsung's profits, and what those actual profit numbers are. You can be sure that Samsung will have a very different opinion of what its profit numbers are, and what Apple would be entitled to even if infringement is found.