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All signs point to new Kindles as Amazon discounts and discontinues older models

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Kindle models are running out of stock from Amazon, suggesting that new models on are their way soon.

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Kindle Keyboard
Kindle Keyboard

Amazon's collection of E Ink Kindles is getting thinned out in what looks quite clearly to be preparation for new models. If you take a look at the retailer's Kindle page today, one model — the Kindle Keyboard Wi-FI — is missing and appears to be discontinued, with no notice that it's out of stock. Instead, prospective purchasers are only left with the option to go to third-party sellers that are offering the device in used condition. Additionally, the Kindle Touch 3G is "currently unavailable," while the Wi-Fi Kindle Touch is facing a three to five day shipping delay. That model isn't available at all from Amazon if you wish to avoid the company's "special offers." Lastly, Amazon is offering 40 percent off of its accessories and the base model Kindle for those using the retailer's Visa rewards card, and, as Gizmodo noted last week, the long-irrelevant Kindle DX was discounted by $110 on Friday when it was featured as a Gold Box deal.

What does it all mean? Amazon is most certainly gearing up for new Kindles by selling off its stock of current devices. Despite all of the rumors earlier this year, the Kindle Touch remains outpaced by Barnes & Noble's Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight, as Amazon has yet to introduce a front-lit model. While the Kindle Fire remains in stock, it's ill-equipped to compete with the Nexus 7, and rumors have pegged its successor for a Q3 launch. We have yet to receive an invite from Amazon for a Kindle-centric event, but we suspect it won't be much longer now.