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'The Bravest Man in the Universe' brings together music video and tech demo

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The music video for Bobby Womack's "The Bravest Man in the Universe" is an interactive journey through space and a mobile Google Chrome tech demo in one.

The Bravest Man in the universe music video chrome
The Bravest Man in the universe music video chrome

Singer Bobby Womack released his first album in 12 years back in June — good news for fans of the artist, no doubt — but the music video for the title track is worth a watch no matter your taste in music. The video's highlighted as a Mobile Chrome Experiment, and was first revealed back at Google I/O to show off some of the muscle behind Chrome for Android and iOS. It was all created by B-Reel, and it takes advantage of HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS to make an interactive trip through space as you follow a nameless astronaut making his way back to Earth. We've seen interactive music videos and playable ones, too, but wrapping it up with a tech demo is an easy way into our hearts. You'll need to be running Chrome on a device running Android 4.0 or an iOS device using iOS 5.0 to get in on the experience, though you can get a taste of the video's art style in the video below.