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Video streaming app Crackle gets Windows Phone version

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Video streaming app Crackle is now available for Windows Phone, offering a selection of older content through an ad-supported model.

Crackle WP Screens
Crackle WP Screens

Crackle, a popular video app that allows users to stream movies and TV shows, is now available for Windows Phone. The new app joins clients for iOS and Android, as well as applications for big screen platforms such as the PlayStation 3 and Roku. Working on an ad-supported model, Crackle offers its content to users for free, and the app itself is also free to download.

The selection isn't particularly sophisticated or up-to-date — movies currently featured on the site's front page include Cheech & Chong's Nice Dreams (1981), Kung Fu Hustle (2005), and Shampoo (1975), and the app's description boasts of a significant selection of Seinfeld and Married... with Children. Still, it's free. Head over to the Windows Phone Marketplace for detailed screenshots and a download link.