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Disneyland's IR-controlled Mickey Mouse ears turn the crowd into a synchronized light show

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Disney has introduced a set of remote-controlled LED Mickey Mouse ears, using them to create unique visual effects at its World of Color light show.

Glowing Disney hats 2
Glowing Disney hats 2

Disney has added a spectacular new element to its World of Color light show at the Disney California Adventure Park, equipping audience members with LED Mickey Mouse ears controlled remotely via infrared (IR). According to an explanatory video posted by Disney, the ears — dubbed Glow with the Show — communicate with IR controllers grouped into spatial zones, allowing technicians to perform actions such as sweeping changes of color. But each device also bears an individual serial number, opening the door to much more complex and varied effects.

As well as interacting with the headline World of Color event, Glow with the Show ears are capable of lighting up independently, producing individual light shows based on built-in presets. They also engage with other elements of the California Adventure Park, including the Mad T Party event and parts of the new Cars Land attraction. Check out the video below for an explanation of the technology and some clips of the ears in action.