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Florida political attack ad takes issue with self-driving vehicles

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A group in Florida has released an ad attacking a political candidate for supporting driverless cars.

Jess Brandes attack ad
Jess Brandes attack ad

As a number of states move forward with plans to get self-driving vehicles on the road, in Florida the issue is being used for political attack ads. A new ad from the Committee to Protect Florida takes issue with Representative Jeff Brandes' support for autonomous vehicle testing in Florida, not-so-subtly implying that said vehicles are dangerous to pedestrians. Brandes is an advocate of autonomous cars in the state, supporting House Bill 1207, which would allow for the operation of driverless vehicles on public roads. While the ad may not have much of an effect on the forward momentum of robot cars, we do worry about the future ads that will inevitably be used to discredit candidates who support robot citizenship.