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Droid 4 Android 4.0 update rolling out now, brings GSM global roaming to the device

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Android 4.0 is rolling out now OTA to the Droid 4. The update brings global GSM roaming to the device, as well as a few other minor changes.

Droid 4 main 1020 stock 2
Droid 4 main 1020 stock 2

It's been a long wait, but the Droid 4 is getting its update to Ice Cream Sandwich. Verizon Wireless has confirmed that the update is now rolling out "in phases" to owners, and, as an added bonus, the upgrade enables GSM global roaming on the device. The carrier promised long ago that the Droid 4 would get the feature enabled sometime this summer, and now it's arrived. Global roaming allows the device to run on GSM networks abroad, and means that the phone now runs on GSM, CDMA and LTE — quite the combo. Of course, the phone isn't unlocked, so you'll need to pick up an international data plan from Verizon if you're planning on going abroad. We've yet to receive the update (version 6.16.217.XT894.Verizon.en.US), but from what we can see in the changelog this looks to be the same skin of Android 4.0.4 that we've seen before on the RAZR and RAZR Maxx.