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Facebook adds 'Expecting a Baby' event to Timeline

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Facebook's new "Expecting a Baby" Timeline Event allows users to share information about their son- or daughter-to-be. The new event includes fields for gender, due date, other parent and story.

facebook expecting baby stock 1020
facebook expecting baby stock 1020

The Life Events feature of Facebook’s Timeline gives you a way to share big milestones with more impact than an ordinary post would garner. Now Facebook is announcing a new addition to the Life Events family — "Expecting a Baby," which fills a crucial information gap between "New Relationship" and "New Child." The form includes fields for the baby’s gender, due date, and other parent, as well as potentially more amusing entries for "location" and "story." You can also upload an image to make the event a little more visually interesting — the perfect spot for a photo of your 3D-printed fetus model.