Matt Webb sips from a cup at Four Barrel Coffee in San Francisco, never blinking. He pauses as his lips near the cup, trains his eyes on me, and says, “there will always be a place for disposable things.” The deceptively simple statements that come from his mouth sound like axioms of design, or technology. He tells me the story of how he built Little Printer, an internet-connected thermal printer for your home, but it sounds more like the story of Jesus’ conception. Webb is boyishly handsome and effervescent. He doesn't seem to care much about money or competition or IPOs. He cares about performing experiments on the way we experience physical objects in a world where possessions are becoming increasingly digital. "It's pretty obvious that all your products will soon be connected to the internet, but everything connected today is hidden behind glass," he says. Little Printer is the offspring of Webb’s latest experiment, up for pre-order today for $259 (£199).