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Double Robotics' telepresence robot gives your iPad legs

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Double Robotics' $2,499 telepresence robot uses your iPad as its eyes, voice, and remote control.

Double Robotics art
Double Robotics art

Double Robotics' Double wants to get your iPad out of the house and into the office, or classroom, or factory floor —anywhere, really. The $2,499 telepresence robot uses a pair of iPads: one sits in the self-balancing base, the other serves as a remote control. Double Robotics' app will let you control the robot — rolling it about and adjusting its height — while the iPads' front-facing cameras stream everything the robot sees, and allow you to interact with passersby. Telepresence robots aren't new — we met iRobot's iPad-controlled Ava prototype at CES, and Anybots has been selling their $10,000 QB robot for years — but the Double is competitively priced with shipments set to begin in December. If you pre-order now you'll pay a discounted price of $1,999 — iPads not included.