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Tweetbot alpha for Mac updated with drafts, GIFs, profile editing, and Storify sharing

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The Mac version of Tweetbot has been updated to include GIF support, drafts, profile editing, Storify support, and muted keywords.

tweetbot alpha 5
tweetbot alpha 5

The Mac version of Tapbots' popular Twitter client Tweetbot has been updated to alpha 5, or version 0.7, and has a whole host of new features to boot. Top of the list is support for drafts: closing a half-written tweet will now prompt you to save as a draft, which will then be accessible via a menu within the tweet composition window. Other additions include the ability to share whole conversations in the form of Storify links, edit your Twitter profile from inside the app, and set keywords to mute. Also new are in-app GIFs, which are displayed inside pop-ups rather than separate browser windows.

Notification Center support is still missing, thanks to Mountain Lion's sandboxing, but once Tweetbot hits version 1.0 the developer will ensure it plays nice with both notifications and iCloud syncing. This will be the last version to include support for OS X Lion — future releases will be Mountain Lion only — so if you don't intend on upgrading your operating system anytime soon your Tweetbot adventure ends here. Alpha 5 is available as a free download from Tapbots' website.