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Pebble smartwatch user interface demoed in preview video

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The Pebble watch's user interface designer Martijn Thé has offered a look at the device's software in action, revealing a simple system based on vertical scrolling and horizontal swiping.

Pebble watch UI preview
Pebble watch UI preview

In a video posted on the Pebble project's Kickstarter page, designer Martijn Thé has offered a sneak preview of the connected watch's user interface. Linking up with an iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth, the Pebble offers a simple e-paper screen which can be used to read emails, view phone calls, play music, and, of course, check the time — Thé's designs keep the experience clean and relatively uncomplicated, focusing on a simple set of vertical scrolling and horizontal swiping movements.

To test out new concepts, Thé has a two-pronged strategy, working alternately with an emulator on an iPhone, as shown in the picture above, or with a prototype logic board connected to his laptop. While the software for the watch appears to be almost complete, the Pebble team has run into a few problems with the hardware, missing its original September shipping date due to scaling issues. But in the latest Kickstarter update, founder Eric Migicovsky reassures backers — who have pledged more than $10 million — that "we're working hard to complete the interconnected tasks that make up the production process."