Book Club


Announcing The Verge Book Club!



Way back before The Verge launched, when we were spending our days eating ice cream and writing out wish lists for what the new site could be, I added "book club" somewhere near the top of the list. We all agreed that this was a great idea, and that it would be a great way to use one new feature that everyone was excited about: our forums. As the launch neared, however, it became apparent that the book club was not top priority and in fact was a little too time consuming for any of us anywhere near the launch — but we didn’t forget about it.

Today, I’m happy to announce that beginning September 1st, The Verge Book Club is alive. Each month, a Verge staffer will guide the group in what we hope will be a lively and engaging discussion of a book in our brand new, dedicated Book Club forum. All you need to do to participate is join the forum, read along, and discuss. There will be a separate post with a few basic ground rules (we want full participation so suggestions are welcome there, too), but you probably get the idea. We’ll have month-long discussion threads, and special guests join in the fun to do Q&As from time to time, too. We might even do a podcast about a book here and there, too.

Every month, a new book will be chosen via poll by members of the Book Club forum. We will also have a running, open thread for suggestions, which we’ll pull out for the poll choices. No book is strictly off limits, but you can expect to see some Sci-Fi, some Fantasy, and some tech-related non-fiction at the outset. We will also do our best never to suggest a book that is not available as an ebook (like I did here).

Our first book I have chosen because I think it’s a great, classic place to start: if you haven’t read it, you’ll love it, and if you have read it, you probably won’t mind reading it again. Philip K. Dick’s Ubik was published in 1969 by Doubleday. It has never been made into a film, though several people have shown interest or tried to do so over the years. In early 2011, it was reported that Michel Gondry was working on an adaptation. The book is available as an ebook and an audiobook. See you on September 1st!

Just to be clear: we'll start reading Ubik on September 1st, not finish (someone asked). I'll post a new post on the first or the night before with dates for discussion goal posts.