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Canon recalls more than 68,000 Rebel T4i cameras due to skin allergy risk

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After issuing a warning last month, Canon is now recalling about 68,200 EOS Rebel T4i DSLRs due to a defect that can cause minor skin irritation.

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Gallery Photo: Canon Rebel T4i hands-on pictures
Gallery Photo: Canon Rebel T4i hands-on pictures

Last month Canon issued a warning that a small batch of its EOS Rebel T4i DSLRs had the potential to cause an allergic reaction, and now the company is recalling about 68,200 of the cameras due to the issue. The problem is caused by a chemical that can turn the rubber grips on the camera from black to white, and also has the potential to cause skin irritation — in July Canon said that the issue only affects devices manufactured between May 31st and June 15th. According to a release from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, there's only been one reported incident so far in which a user received a minor rash from using the camera. As promised last month, those with defective cameras can send them in to Canon for a free replacement of the rubber grips — you can input your serial number right here to see if your camera is eligible for the recall.